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Ever since it’s been introduced to the cannabis market a few years ago, Borderliner has been knocking socks off left and right and all over the place in the cannabis community. It’s one of the most potent and heavy yielding cannabis strains you can possibly buy, yet very little is known about its origins – we know it comes from the Amazon region of Brazil, but there is no information about its lineage, and there are some discrepancies on the Indica to Sativa ratio. The reviews, however, all agree that it produces very strong effects typical to Indicas, and that it’s a reasonably easy plant to grow, which makes it a very desirable strain for both personal and commercial growing.

Even though when it comes to Borderliner cannabis strain most conversations about appearance fade out when the THC count is mentioned – it’s 25% – it should be said that Borderliner is a very strong looking plant. It has a thick, substantial stem and it produces a fair amount of leaves that give it a bushy appearance. The large buds are fairly frosty, light green with a lot of orange hairs, the kind of buds that put a smile on every connoisseur’s face.

Borderliner is not a strain with a very strong smell, but the taste is very sweet, and it’s not too harsh on the throat and lungs when it’s smoked. The effects it produces are very Indica – a very strong stoned body feeling, relaxed and comfortable, that will definitely send even the most hardened of users into a state of blissful couch-lock. Because Borderliner cannabis strain is high in CBD as well as in THC, it is a very potent pain-reliever, which makes it a well-respected strain among people who use marijuana for medical reasons.

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All clones are feminized and priced at $49.00 USD each, plus 6% tax. International shipments are $59.00 each plus tax. Purchase 4 clones and receive a 5th  free. Payment is by credit or debt card and PayPal only. All customers are required to provide proof of identity and must match cardholders name, no exceptions! Billing receipt will be from DC Co-op Club.
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